Regional Alcohol And Drug Assessment Center (RADAC)

RADACs are private not-for-profit agencies that have contracted with the State of Kansas Department for Aging and Disabilities to complete substance abuse placement assessments and related case management services for persons meeting eligibility criteria. The Substance Abuse Center of Kansas (SACK) is one of two RADACs. SACK provides services within a region consisting of 29 counties. SACK assessors and case managers travel throughout south central Kansaas providing placement related services in state offices, hospitals, probation offices, and detention facilities.

A RADAC is intended to help clients address situations where their drug and alcohol use is causing difficulties in their lives. Assessment counselors will evaluate clients' requirements for services and refer them to the State or Medicaid funded prgram that will best meet these needs. In addition, should there not be a treatment opening, the counselor will provide pre-treatment services on an interum basis until the client is able to enroll.

Eligibility for Free Services

To be eligible for no cost services, an individual must be a resident of Kansas and have an income below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG).

In addition the individual must meet the Federal Block Grant definition for a priority client in that he/she is:

  • Pregnant;
  • A woman with a dependent child or children;
  • Diagnosed with HIV/AIDS;
  • Involuntarily committed; or
  • A Department of Children and Family Services client.


SACK is a medicaid provider. There is never a charge for Medicaid clients unless the referral is a result of a DUI conviction.

Fee for Services

Clients who do not meet the above qualifications, can receive help through SACK on a "fee for service" basis utilizing the following schedule:

  • Referrals due to a DUI conviction - $150
  • Income less than 100% of FPG - $75
  • Income above 100% of FPG - $150

Accessing Services

Scheduling an assessment can be accomplished by a simple phone call. The call may be initiated by the client or by a referral agency. Experience has shown that more clients utimately show up for the assessment if the initial referral contact is made by the referring agency. When scheduling an appointment, the following information about the client is needed:

  • Full name;
  • Address (including county);
  • Date-of-birth;
  • Social security number
  • Kansas residency status
  • Income for last 12 months or Medicaid confirmation; and
  • Referral agency information.