3rd and Subsequent Time DUI

This program is intended to help offenders who have three or more DUI convictions. The primary goals are to:

  • Increase participant compliance with corrections expectations,
  • Support participant abstinence from substance use,
  • Improve paricipant knowledge about how the consequences of their criminal behavior affects them,
  • Aid in monitoring of participant treatment attendance and completion, and
  • Help participants become more self-sufficient through development of better daily living skills and a network of recovery resources.

Eligibility for Services

Services shall be provided to individuals who have three or more DUI convictions and are required by their sentencing to participate in this program. The specialized case management of this program is devised by a multi-disiciplinary team, which includes the case manger, the supervising officer, the treatment counselor and the participant. This can include other team members should the team desire and/or are a requirement of the participant’s sentencing. The focus is also placed on participants who have a significant history of substance use, accompanied by a willingness to comply with services.

Accessing Services

All referrals for services under this program will be made through collaborative efforts between SACK and the supervising agency.