Intensive Case Management (ICM)

ICM Program was implemented to work collaboratively with State and Community Hospital discharge planners, and social workers to prevent or reduce the need for admission to State Hospitals for those that have substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Eligibility for Services:

Intensive Case Management (ICM) is a program designed to provide support and maintain stability to clients that are identified as being:

  • Recipients of Mental Health Services
  • In need of substance abuse treatment or related services
  • Has history of both substance abuse and mental health diagnosis
  • Substance abuse is a primary diagnosis as determined by SACK
  • Homelessness
  • At risk for state hospitalization
  • Sedgwick County Resident

Accessing Services:

Referrals for the ICM program will come from state hospitals, other psychiatric hospitals, mental health agencies, and treatment facilities. ICM staff will then complete a screen to assess if client meets criteria for the program.