888 City Liquor Tax Program

The 888 Program was implemented to provide assessment, referral, and case management services to eligible inmates of the Sedgwick County Detention Facility. When requested by referral agencies, a drug and alcohol assessment is completed. Based on the assessment, the client is referred to a level of treatment that matches the intensity of the client's substance abuse problem. Should there not be an available treatment opening when the client is released from jail, the client is placed on a waiting list and provided with case management services that specifically include communicating with and updating service agencies regarding consumer progress, referring to community agencies for specialized service needs, and assisting consumers through the drug and alcohol treatment continuum of care. Case Management services continue until:

  • Consumer has successfully begun treatment services
  • Consumer has been discharged due to noncompliance
  • Consumer has successfully entered any other facility's case management or treatment program

Eligibility For Services

Services are provided to individuals who are:

  • At the time of the request for an assessment, detained in the Sedgwick County Adult Detention Facility, residing in a community hospital or on parole;
  • Have an income below Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) ;
  • Do not meet the Alcohol and Prevention Services definition for a priority client;
  • Referred by the Wichita Municipal Court, South Central Regional Defender, Private Attorney, Judge, Hospital Social Worker, or Parole Officer : and
  • Are assessed by SACK as being appropriate for residential or outpatient care.

Accessing Services

All referrals for services under this program will be made by the Wichita Municipal Court, the South Central Regional Defender, Private Attorneys, Judges, Hospital Social Workers, or Parole Officers. Assessments cannot be completed without a formal referral due to clearance issues at the Jail.